I never in a thousand years would have thought I'd have so many questions about a bush.

Over in Fairhaven on the sidewalk perimeter of the Sconticut Neck Plaza sits an oddly-shaped and malnourished bush.

To some, it may just be a stupid bush, but to me, it's a stupid bush I have yet to notice in the 10 years I've worked here at Fun 107.

Every morning, Monday through Friday, immediately after the Rock and Fox Show ends, I make my way over to a small mom-and-pop restaurant called Scramblers. I've been doing this for years. I have walked up and down that plaza, back and forth.

Not once have I ever noticed this bush located directly outside of the UPS Store.

Again, my mind is racing and racked with unanswered questions that might not ever be get figured out:

1.) How long has this bush been here?

2.) Were there ever any other bushes besides this one?

3.) Why is it the only one in the entire plaza?

4.) Is anyone taking care of it?

5.) How has it survived these many years without dying?

6.) Why hasn't anyone decorated it with Christmas lights during the holidays?

7.) Does this bush have a name?

8.) Who thought one random bush in the middle of a concrete plaza was a good idea?

and finally...

9.) What is this bush's purpose here and

10.) Why does it even exist to begin with?

It blows my mind that I've walked past this horrendous shrub for years and only noticed it today. It makes me wonder what else has gone unnoticed throughout my life.


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