If you have been driving around the SouthCoast recently, you may have seen a lot of people fishing, more than usual. I think I might know why, and it's not what you think.

I live near Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven and I have definitely been seeing more people fishing at the fort than ever before. My first thought was that more people are finding themselves out of school and work so they are trying to fill their time doing something like fishing.

I know a lot of SouthCoast natives really love to fish but what if there were some recognition for your catch?

The Massachusetts AquaCulture Permitting Organization is still holding its annual fishing derby. The 2020 Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Derby is going on through November 30.

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The 2020 Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Derby started January 1st and will run through November 30th. Entries must be caught on rod and reel, meet minimum qualifying weights and lengths, and be caught in state controlled waters and/or first landed in a Massachusetts port. Fish submitted for the weigh-in portion of the derby must be measured and weighed at a MarineFisheries certified weigh station. Anglers participating in the catch and release portion of the derby are required to submit a picture of their fish on a measuring device. Entries may be mailed to our New Bedford office or emailed to john.boardman@mass.gov. For entry forms and additional information about the Derby go to: https://bit.ly/30cGuoX 📸: Kyle Stuczynski

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I do know fishing takes a lot of patience, that which I know I don't have. So you won't have me even attempting this, but maybe you want to grab that old fishing rod out of the garage and make a day of it.

What's neat about this is that there is a category for all: men, women and children. This year especially, we have been looking for something that the entire family can take part in, and this might be some fun competition for everyone.

Make sure you check out all the rules and regulations before you head out. I hope we get a SouthCoast winner.

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