If the recent news from Klondike about the end of the beloved Choco Taco has you feeling down, prepare for a discovery that will pick you back up.

Marion may be home to one of the largest fleets of sailing vessels per capita, but it's also home to a quaint little food store with larger-than-life menu items.

Fieldstone Farm Market on Mill Street has created its very own homemade ice cream tacos that blow away the now-discontinued competition.

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According to Klondike, the Choco Taco wrapped its long run recently due to "complex production challenges" (whatever the heck that means), ripping out the hearts of thousands of fans, including my own.

The saying goes, "Not all heroes wear capes." It's true. Fieldstone Farm Market officially meets that description.

Not only can you create your ice cream taco from their little ice cream parlor next door to the market, you can also buy them pre-packaged inside the store. Toppings include rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, coconut, nuts and more. Of course, you can also eat the taco plain.

The addition to Fieldstone comes just in time as Klondike hangs up its Choco Taco hat.

These sweet tacos are massive and can be made ahead of time so they're ready when you arrive.

Klondike may have taken away a masterpiece of a treat, but it's Fieldstone Farm Market that is mending the wounds with a product like no other. For that, I'm forever grateful.

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