Have you ever gotten proposed to in the most random of places? Maybe it wasn't so random but to everyone else, it was just bizarre?

I was just reading a story about how this guy popped the question at a KFC. Now I'm not saying that KFC isn't a great place for love. There is nothing like the smell of some fried chicken to get you in the mood.

Pretty adorable right? So many people were throwing shade at this guy for his location choice. Now I'll be the first to admit it's kind of random. It probably had some significance to the couple but social media was not so kind.

What happened next, though, was pretty amazing.

All these major brands like Uber, McDonald's, wedding apparel companies and even a jeweler providing some pretty expensive rings came to the rescue. These businesses are paying for everything for the couple's wedding, including a honeymoon in Cape Town.

So it seems like the outcome of this proposal was finger-lickin' good'!! It may not be super traditional but I guess it really was the thought that counted and it clearly paid off.

I have a feeling there may be some interesting proposal locations out there that you have heard about. Tell us!

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