The spirit of Christmas was captured in one of the best commercials I have ever watched.

A German pharmaceutical company called Doc Morris is Europe's largest mail-out pharmacy whose brilliance lies within the realms of cinematography, not just medicine.

As a fitness buff and strong believer in bettering your health by taking care of yourself, this commercial speaks volumes. It captures the fitness journey of an elderly man who found himself caught in a nostalgic moment in time, back to when he was youthful, active and strong. As with most people, looking back can be tough, especially if the current state of life is weaker.

Throughout the commercial, the storyline takes us into an uplifting world of persistence and perseverance. The act of one man with a single goal in mind, that will leave the room with stained cheeks by the end.

As part of a "Take Care" campaign, Doc Morris really knocked it out of the park with this one. It resonates among the athletic community and within the hearts of families.

"Take care... so you can take care of what matters in life" was the final few seconds of the campaign video. There's something so simple that speaks so loudly that captivated me from the get-go.

Talk about a classy and well-rounded company, and I detected that just from the commercial, nevertheless their holiday mission statement that reads: "Doc Morris wishes you and all your relatives a happy and unforgettable celebration. Stay healthy!"

Call loved ones whom you haven't spoken to in a long time. Spend a Sunday with your parents, when's the last time you did that? Our days with each other are limited, so hold close the ones who mean most and have a very happy holiday to all.

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