Something kind of weird happened yesterday at my house. We were enjoying kind of a lazy day, catching up with laundry, cleaning up the house, and setting up the kids for their final week of school before February vacation.

It was mid-afternoon when the doorbell rang. I immediately became Sebastian Maniscalco wondering who is the world could possibly be ringing my bell in the middle of a Sunday afternoon? Who would have the gall?

I'm kidding. In actuality, I figured it must have been one of the kids from the neighborhood, so I walked over to let them in.

As I turned the corner, however, I caught a glimpse of two people I didn't recognize standing on our front porch. I immediately ducked behind a wall and hid. I just wasn't in the mood to talk to someone I didn't know.

I could hear them talking to one another for just a bit, before they decided to leave. I peeked out of the window, and was surprised to see them get into a white car and drive away. I had kind of figured that they were Jehovah's Witnesses canvassing the neighborhood, trying to encourage people to join their church, but when they drove away, that poked a hole into that theory.

A short time later, my wife came back home from running errands and asked me, "What's up with the birdcage on the front porch?"

Apparently, the people left a birdcage that looked like a place to drop cards filled with cash at a wedding.

Clearly, they left this at the wrong house. I asked around the neighborhood, but no one had any idea about it.

I feel bad, because the happy couple is probably wondering where the heck their birdcage could be. There are so many questions. Has the wedding already happened? When will the people who dropped it off realize that they left it at the wrong house?

We put the birdcage back on our porch. We'll be here waiting for someone to pick it up.

Michael Rock/Townsquare Media
Michael Rock/Townsquare Media
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