Yeah, this Porsche is nice and all, but I'm a large man standing at six-foot-four and 280 pounds. I'm not knocking it, just saying I'd fit better in an Excursion or Escalade.

However, that doesn't mean it isn't perfect for you.

With just 305 miles on it and at a price of a mere $339,901, this stunning 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS coupe is something out of the Fast & The Furious franchise. The car sits proudly in Bourne at Atlantic Subaru.

Imagine signing all the paperwork, handing over the check, slapping on some plates and then pulling this baby out onto MacArthur Boulevard and flying back to the SouthCoast in style?

But maybe that's a little out of your price range. For a little bit of a trip to Dan O'Brien Infiniti of Hanover and about $114,000 less, you can have a similar car. There, you'll find a 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS coupe for $225,000.

Infiniti of Hanover
Infiniti of Hanover

What's the difference between the two vehicles? If it really matters that much to you, I'm going to guess that you're the kind of person that can just go drop the cash on either one. And lucky you.

Just to put it in perspective, if you don't have all the money up front but you can get financing, even the cheaper model will run you $4,174 per month for the next five years. The estimated payment on the more expensive model in Bourne is $6,043 per month.

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