Flying over Area 51 a couple times a month, I must say it's pretty interesting. There's not too much to see except a really bright reflective mirror.

Now don't get me wrong, we don't fly directly over it. I'm sure there are reasons why the flight path we take doesn't ever go directly over Area 51. Yes, I'm a flight attendant on the weekends, so I get to see some amazing things from the air.

So many have speculated what goes on there and one Rhode Island man is determined to find out. He has been an active member of the Facebook event page "Storm Area 51." Brandon Burgess, who is originally from New York, is currently with friends in Rhode Island decorating his van and planning to actually drive his way to Area 51, which will be a trip of about 3,000 miles. That's going to be a lot of gas money, no?

He is decorating his van with extra terrestrial paraphernalia. For those that are enthusiasts of this kind of stuff I guess the money part isn't a big issue but sounds like it's not going to be a cheap trip.

Personally, as exciting and interesting as it is, I'm going to sit back and wait for pictures of this event to hit the internet. It looks like over two million people have listed themselves as going to this "Storm Area 51" event. In case you are trying to get it on your calendar, it's happening September 20.

Best of luck to Brandon and all that head over to Area 51. If you end up getting arrested, don't call me for bail money because you probably will be arrested.

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