By now, most of you have heard the story of Nathan Patterson, a 23-year-old Oakland A's fan who was signed to a contract by the team after throwing in the mid-90s during a speed pitch challenge.

Well, scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across a family member trying to promote a friend's video, as another Nathan was apparently trying to earn himself an MLB contract.

Now, when it comes to sports, I really have no idea. I get how all the games are played and most of the rules. Trust me, I get really passionate about the games. Screaming and yelling at the TV during the World Series and the Super Bowl is definitely a thing for me.

When it comes to stats and who does what better, I have no clue. I started thinking, how many of our neighbors here on the SouthCoast have the potential to be the next big thing for our New England teams?

Nathan Oliveira appears to have quite the pitch–if you can believe his "radar gun," that is. Check out this video:

I mean, those are some fast pitches, right? Major League-worthy?

Call me out on this, I really have no clue what they look for when it comes to signing players. I know it's all just a joke with Nathan Oliveira and his notebook paper speed readouts. But seriously, imagine your neighbor or friend has what it takes. Lots of musical artists are getting signed just from posting a video on YouTube, like Justin Bieber as an example.

Think about it, someone posts a video of themselves legitimately hitting 90-plus miles per hour with each pitch, recruiters see it and next thing you know that guys is starting for the Red Sox.

You laugh, but it could happen. Maybe someone you know has an arm. Get them to start posting on social media who knows what could happen.

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