I think that when you walk into someone's business with a weapon, threaten the owner, and then demand cash, all bets are off when it comes to your own safety.  By doing that you should be prepared for the consequences.  What do you think?  Last week when a young man walked into the J & L Mini-Mart in New Bedford with a knife, grabbed the owner and asked for money, he was chased out of the store by a very brave man.

At that point, a group of friends and neighbors chased the would-be robber down, and stripped him of his clothes.   At that point, the store's owner says he jumped on the suspect to protect him from the angry crowd.   As of now, New Bedford police say they are investigating that incident in order to determine whether or not the group went too far.

Not sure of what may follow if it is determined that they did. Many of us say that given the circumstances, those involved in the chase did not do wrong.  But others say they should have left that to the police.   What's your opinion? Please take the poll.

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