It's probably the one time being the class clown is a good thing!

I was always the class clown. Always goofing off and looking for the laugh, so this might just be the place for me and my fellow clowns.

The Smile Factory Clowns have an actual school in New Bedford teaching the wild and crazy to harness their silly and become clowns. We're talking about real clowns here, the red noses and everything, It's a real world, real life clown college!

I had no idea there were actually real life clown schools, never mind the fact that there's one right here on the SouthCoast. That's so wild to me. If I'm being totally honest here, I think I'm kind of interested. B Mo the Prince has already conquered the world as B Mo the DJ, maybe the natural next step is B Mo the Clown!

Is it weird that has an amazing ring to it?

It looks like they've got all different types of classes, too, from their Facebook page. There are clowning classes for kids and classes for seniors ages 55 and up. You can even learn face painting.

Call me crazy but this sounds like a good time. Could be a new lucrative career choice, too. B Mo the Clown, coming soon to a children's party near you!

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