We don't know what was going in Mansfield last year, but it did wonders for the police department's cuteness factor.

After a streak of babies throughout the radio station staff a few years ago, there were jokes from HR about something in the water. So what was in the water at the Mansfield PD?

The department shared a photo on Facebook recently of four happy new fathers in blue and their adorable new editions sporting matching onesies.

MPD dads and babies
Mansfield, MA Police Department Facebook page

The papas all look super proud and that little girl up front could not be any cuter. That smile? The bow? I'm dying!

All the adorable new babies make a great team as the MPD's new baby patrol and I'm sure they'll do big things with any missing pacifier cases.

Seriously though, four new babies at one time within the department has got to be out of the ordinary.

The chances are pretty slim almost anywhere that four colleagues would have kids all at the same time, so this was probably a very exciting time for the department.

Clearly, all four new dads are pretty excited about their little ones and at least one little one is visibly excited back.

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