Sometimes I feel like I may be living a hobbit life right now. Little did I know there is a real-life hobbit house one state away.

This is probably going to be an absolutely tease for most of you because the Preserve Club & Residences is for members only, but I think it's too freaking cool to not talk about and I didn't even realize it was a thing right down the road from us.

A membership to this prestigious Rhode Island outdoor club is a little outside what I can afford. It doesn't mean I can't enjoy the beauty they have by checking out some photos of their lands and their lodgings, especially this amazing hobbit habitat. Yes, you can actually stay in one of these hobbit-like dwellings.

All I can think of is Lord of the Rings and how neat it would be to visit this. Maybe someone I know is a member and can get me in there for a night? If any of you are lucky enough to stay at the hobbit house, be sure to share some photos with us from your experience.

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