Fair warning, it's a bit a drive for anyone on the SouthCoast--at least two hours--but it looks totally worth it.

The South Deerfield Forest is home to a place like nothing I've ever seen. To knock out the obvious, yes, there are dinosaurs, but that's not nearly all. The forest also allows you to mine your own gemstones and is home to The Rock, Fossil, And Dinosaur Shop (via onlyinyourstate.com). It would be an amazing weekend spent to take a road trip up here with the family and get out for the day or a few.

The Rock, Fossil, And Dinosaur Shop Facebook
The Rock, Fossil, And Dinosaur Shop Facebook

The craziest thing (no, the dinosaurs currently there aren't the craziest thing, which says a lot) is due to a neat thing called science, we know what ancient and now extinct animals roamed in this very spot. You'll get to learn all about them at this unique location.

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