There is a Jurassic Park-Like Forest in Massachusetts
Fair warning, it's a bit a drive for anyone on the SouthCoast--at least two hours--but it looks totally worth it.
The South Deerfield Forest is home to a place like nothing I've ever seen. To knock out the obvious, yes, there are dinosaurs, but that's not nearly all...
Dino Prank
We aren't sure what the show is, or what they usually do, but this right here is awesome. Japanese television is bit more exciting then American TV, that's for sure. This poor guy never even knew what hit him.
Funny Sticker
This is one of the funnier bumper stickers I've seen in a while. Do you get bothered by those family stick figure stickers that people put on the back of their cars (or more specifically...minivans)? Then, you'll love this one.