My son's birthday is in the month of December and it's frustrating that his yearly physical has somehow over the years been bumped back and is now in July.

So each year after my kids' yearly physical appointments at the doctor's office, before leaving, I make their appointment for next year. And every time, I know it's going to be bumped back at least a year and a day. There have been a few times when I had to reschedule his yearly because of a trip (or when the doctor has had to reschedule) and when that happens, it's like rolling the dice. It's a risk, and the appointment could get bumped back by a few weeks to a month.

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So here we are six months and a week after his birthday, heading to his "yearly" physical. I'm so glad I brought this up during the show this morning; I am clearly not the only mom out there who is slightly OCD when it comes to this kind of stuff with the kids. I'm sorry, I want the yearly physical to match up with the actual age, thank you very much! Yeesh.🙄

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Take my poll below, I want to know how SouthCoast moms feel about this scenario. After hearing from other moms who called into the show this morning who feel exactly like I do, I am going to call my health insurance company to get both of my sons' yearly physicals aligned with their actual birth date. Yay for small wins!🙋🏼

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