I live about 20 minutes from Fun 107. Its mostly highway driving, and not a bad ride at all.

I have noticed that if I need to get from the south end of New Bedford to the north end of New Bedford it takes me longer than when I drive all the way home. Some spots in New Bedford take forever to get through.

Here are my top 5 worst spots in the city.

5. Coggeshall St area- While improved, heading west on this road can take forever.

4. The Octopus intersection in Downtown New Bedford- This areas gets much worse when the bridge is closed.

3. Brownell Ave going towards Route 140- Sometimes your in line for 5-6 light cycles

2. Sawyer St- Again, going west can take forever with all those lights.

1. Kings Highway Exit- Good luck trying to get off of Route 140 during peak hours

Feel free to add your own in the comment section below, and take a lesson from the guy in the video below, his reaction to traffic can make the world a better place.