As the Zeiterion Theatre begins a lengthy renovation project, one lonely chair gets a little attention before it gets removed from the building.

On August 12th, the Zeiterion held a 'Dancing Through The Decades' block party for one last hurrah. During the event, attendees were welcomed and encouraged to take one final walk throughout the theater. Small pieces of paper were handed out where people could vote on the worst seat in the house (in their opinion) and then they were instructed to tape the piece of paper to it.

The seats and pieces of paper were tallied up and a winner was announced.

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The Z took to Instagram and Facebook with the following message:

"You’ve heard of the best seat in the house, but what about the worst? During the Decades Dance Party, we asked attendees to vote for the worst seat in the theater. Our winner is seat L25!" 

Zeiterion Performing Arts Center via Facebook
Zeiterion Performing Arts Center via Facebook

*Disclaimer: Tape removed (on the torn seat) for dramatic effect.

The way I saw it, I thought they meant the worst seat to sit in as far as your view to the stage, but the audience decided to vote for the seat that needed some "T.L.C." instead.

As we patiently await the grand re-opening of New Bedford's beloved Zeiterion Theatre, join me in wishing the establishment a Happy Birthday as it recently crossed the century mark.

100 years in the making at The Z, and it's only going to get better from here.

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