Tonight on ‘The Voice,’ the Top 6 battled it out in an effort to win the votes of fans across the country.

Blake Shelton now has everything riding on Cole Vosbury, the last member left standing from Team Blake. Blake gifted Cole a shiny new acoustic guitar, perhaps as a bribe to win the competition. Cole sang ‘Rich Girl’ by Hall and Oates, giving the same flawless performance that we are used to seeing from him.

Continuing with the reggae theme from last week, Adam chose Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ for Jamaican Tessanne Chin. Sporting a sweet faux hawk, Tessanne knocked it out of the park, giving her most emotional performance yet. Coach Adam was positively smitten, as always, filled with pride for his star pupil.

After a heartfelt dedication to his family, Matthew Schuler took the stage to tackle boy band One Direction’s ‘Story Of My Life.’ Despite extremely distracting and random green lasers shooting all across the stage, Matthew gave a decent performance -- a definite step up from his unfortunate number last week, which landed him in the bottom three. Adam Levine admitted he was not familiar with the song, to which Blake replied, “OMG, One Direction!” Awesome.

Next was Will Champlin with Sam Cooke’s Civil Rights Movement anthem ‘A Change Is Gonna Come,’ a song very well suited to Will’s soulful voice. Will seems to get better with each passing week. We've gotta hand it to him, although it wasn't completely perfect, there were some major high notes in tonight’s song, for which we give Will a big A for effort. Not to mention, he also showed off some mad piano skills. “You’ve definitely got soul, and most importantly, you’ve got heart,” said Cee Lo Green. Amen.

Singing ‘Fell In Love With A Girl’ by The White Stripes was James Wolpert from Team Adam. James dedicated the song to his dad, who was shown in the audience with tears in his eyes, which pretty much melted our hearts. James did a stripped-down acoustic version of the rock song, and although he did a good job, it didn’t feel strong enough compared to the performances that preceded his.

Finishing off the first half of the night was Jacquie Lee with ‘Cry Baby’ by Janis Joplin. Jacquie admitted that she has never been in love, and therefore wasn’t sure she could pull it off. But coach Christina was not the least bit worried, having complete confidence in her little starlet. This was probably our least favorite performance yet from Jacquie, with plenty of pitch problems and endless shrieks. The audience roared with applause, seemingly mistaking Jacquie’s dramatic acting abilities for vocal talent.

Cole dedicated his second song ‘Better Man’ by James Morrison to his first love, saying even though they’re not together anymore, she still makes him want to be a better man. What a sweetheart, that Cole. Another sincere and soulful performance from Cole. Big props to coach Blake for always keeping it simple and pure with Cole’s song selections, rather than attempting to do any ill-fitting experimentation as some of the other coaches tend to do.

Tessanne then sang ‘Unconditionally’ by Katy Perry, with coach Adam switching it up by giving her something current to sing. Tessanne looked about as comfortable as one could get, owning the stage and captivating the audience. Tessanne’s dad was in the audience crying, making that the second sweet crying dad of the night.

Christina gave Matthew ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ for his second tune, with Matthew claiming he would give it his all and show his vulnerable side (are we the only ones who feel “vulnerable” is the most overused word in the history of ‘The Voice’?). Matthew’s performance was… less than great. We wish the coaches would do their job sometimes and reel in their singers, preventing them from going too big, as Matthew did tonight. But it appears Christina has blinders on at all times, where she believes her team can do no wrong. But they can, Xtina. THEY CAN.

Will sang ‘Hey Brother’ by Avicii, accompanying himself on the banjo. Okay, Will, we get it -- you can play many, many instruments. There were a few minor problems, but overall, Will really impressed us tonight, as well as coach Adam. “Banjos are COOL!” exclaimed Blake Shelton. Hopefully America agrees.

For Jacquie’s second song, she sang coach Christina Aguilera’s ‘The Voice Within.’ Being as this was a Christina song, we braced ourselves for more screaming from Miss Jacquie. And boy, did we get it. Maybe this type of “singing” appeals to some, but we are just not digging it. Ouch. Where’s the Advil when you need it? Christina, who loves talking about herself, talked endlessly about what the song means to her and how she saw herself in Jacquie. Yawn.

Closing out the night was James, doing the super theatrical ‘I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)’ by Meatloaf. Adam told James there was no way he could overdo this song, which made us a tad nervous that James’ performance would be… well, overdone. And dramatic it most definitely was, but James somehow pulled it off, showing us he is most in his element when he gets to draw upon his acting background and play to the audience. Adam mentioned that James woke up sick this morning, and commended him for acting professional and performing while being unwell. Good job, James! Now go eat some chicken soup.

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