The Dartmouth Police Department wants to remind residents to be safe this summer.

As the Fourth of July and summer celebrations approach, Chief Brian Levesque and the Dartmouth Police Department would like to remind residents that the use of fireworks is illegal in Massachusetts.

"It is illegal to use, possess, or sell fireworks of any kind in Massachusetts, including Class C fireworks, which are sometimes falsely called “safe and sane fireworks.” Class C fireworks include sparklers, party poppers, snappers, firecrackers, spinners, cherry bombs, and more. Additionally, residents are prohibited from purchasing fireworks elsewhere and transporting them into the state."

It appears that there are a few people who did not receive the memo because we have been hearing fireworks go off every single night for what seems like a month now.

From 2010-2019, 858 major fires and explosions were reported to the Massachusetts Fire Incident Reporting System (MFIRS) due to the use of illegal fireworks. These incidents caused 12 civilian injuries, 40 firefighter injuries, and a loss of approximately $2.9 million.

The Dartmouth Police Department recommends that residents only attend displays put on by a licensed professional to ensure safety.

“With social distancing efforts still in effect, there will be fewer fireworks celebrations this Fourth of July,” said Chief Levesque. “However, it is still important to remember that no matter the circumstance, fireworks are illegal and dangerous and should be left to professionals in order to avoid fires, accidents, and injuries.”

Residents should always:
• Watch fireworks displays from a safe distance.
• Call 911 if anyone gets injured by fireworks.
• Set a positive example for children by not using illegal fireworks. If kids see adults using them, they may not realize the dangers and could be encouraged to pick up matches or lighters.
• Be careful around even the smallest fireworks. Sparklers burn at 1,800 degrees and could easily cause severe burns and injuries.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the misuse of fireworks can cause death and injuries including severe burns, contusions, lacerations, eye injuries, and more.

For those of us with pups at home, our loved ones suffering from PTSD, these fireworks have been especially difficult to endure. I hope that these fireworks start to fade away shortly after Independence Day.

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