Wrestlemania is this Sunday and I know exactly how to ramp up your Wrestlemania experience!

It's the grandest stage of them all. It's the showcase of the immortals. Wrestlemania. If you're a nerd like me then you definitely treat this day like the Super Bowl. If you're not a nerd like me you're probably in some way tuned in or know someone who is tuned in. If you're not at all interested, well, at least you can have fun with some drinks and act like it's not even happening.

For years my friends and I have gathered and enjoyed a giant Wrestlemania party. Usually at my house. There's a lot of dollar bets on matches and a lot of beers in the fridge, but those beers go quick with our crazy Wrestlemania/wrestling drinking games.

The sip rules are as follows:

RULE 1 - 1 sip every time a competitor leaves the ring and both their feet touch the floor outside of the ring.

RULE 2 - 1 sip every time a competitor jumps off the TOP rope... not the middle rope... not the bottom rope. the TOP rope only.

RULE 3 - 1 sip for every kick out, or broken submission.

RULE 4 - 2 sips for every finishing move. When you see Brock Lesnar drop an F5 or Roman Reigns hit a spear, that's 2 sips EVERY TIME. Finisher submission moves count too.

RULE 5 - This is where it gets wild. If someone kicks out of a finisher or breaks a finisher submission that's 5 sips.

RULE 6 - The rules add up. If let's say Finn Balor does his finisher which is off the top rope and the competitor kicks out that's 6 sips. 5 sips for RULE 5 and 1 sip for RULE 2.

That's the perfect basic skeleton outline for crushing your beers and drinks throughout the show of shows. If you want to add some more rules feel free! Maybe a sip for every Brock Lesnar suplex perhaps?

Anything is possible! It's Wrestlemania!

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