Should you get punished for a rule you never knew existed without any warning?

This Friday I did the same thing I do many Friday mornings. Take the garbage barrel down to end of the driveway for pick up.

But when I returned from work to bring the barrel back to house, I found that the barrel was still full and a bright orange note was sticking out.

Nancy Hall/TSM
Nancy Hall/TSM

Honestly I don't know if this was a garbage/recycling rule for years or something new the town is enacting for 2020, but it was literally the first time I had ever heard that trash and recycling having to be put by the curb together.

Don't get me wrong, I recycle. It's just that the recycling barrels are as big as the trash barrels and we don't actually fill them every week.

When they are full, I bring them down. If there is plenty of room I typically wait another week.

And this has not been a problem for the entire five plus years I have lived in this town.

Until this past Friday.

I wouldn't actually be upset by this note, except for the fact that they didn't empty the trash. And the trash was really full and needed to be emptied.

Now I have to go another week trying to cram more trash bags into this barrel until they come back to get it.

I feel like they should have left the note but still taken the trash so I at least had a grace period.

If it happened again after seeing the note and learning of the new rule (or newly enforced rule), then feel free to leave the trash, I knew better at that point.

Shouldn't the warning have been just that...a warning?

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