We were talking on the air this morning about the most challenging jobs to have before Christmas. Which jobs would you say deserve to earn more money than normal this week?

My vote is for teachers. Aside from the fact that my wife is a teacher, I just know that you couldn't pay me $250,000 a year to be an elementary school teacher. I just don't have the patience.

I can't begin to imagine what it's like to try to actually TEACH a classroom full of third graders the week before Christmas. I know the level of Christmas excitement coming from my son. He's one kid. Imagine 20 of them, all together, eating candy canes and practicing Fortnite dances. No thank you. Those teachers deserve bonus pay this week.

What about mail carriers? Sure, widespread Amazon shopping is the greatest thing to hit American culture since the iPhone. It's great for everyone—except if you're a mail carrier.  Then, it's the worst. Can you even comprehend the number of packages that need to be delivered this week? And no one every says, "WOW. My package got here in the time I expected it to arrive." No, you only hear about the late packages. It's more than likely not even the postal service's fault. It's probably the company shipping out the product, but that doesn't matter if you're waiting on a delivery so that you can give someone a gift.

How about workers in retail? By the time the week before Christmas comes, the "professional" shoppers who know what they're doing are long gone. You're dealing with stupid guys like me that don't want to be out in the stores in the first place. They don't know what they're shopping for, and they're frustrated before they even walk into the store.

Which of these jobs has the worst deal this week?


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