The Mannequin Challenge came out of nowhere and took over the internet. Check out some of these awesome ones!

For those who don't know don't know, The Mannequin Challenge is a viral craze right now where people stand totally still (like a mannequin). They hold the poses as someone walks through and takes a video of everyone frozen in place almost like a real world wax museum! So let the countdown of the best challenges begin!

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

The defending NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers visited the White House Thursday and pulled off a pretty good one with the first lady.

4. Hillary Clinton

Although she didn't end up in the White House herself Thursday, Hillary Clinton and her staff joined in to encourage people to vote and they did it on a plane!

3. Bodybuilders IN THE GYM! put out their own mannequin challenge too. It looks pretty legit in my book! That's not easy!


2. The WWE Training Center

Even the WWE wrestlers got into the act. This one is epic just on how many people are doing so many crazy things.

1. Dane Cook

I've seen a few of these challenges of people doing it on stage with a crowd, but the crowd never quite stays perfectly still. Plus, this one didn't even start on stage. Everyone backstage was in on the act too!

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