I am loving the new one from Bruno Mars feat Cardi B., but every time I hear Finesse a strange thought pops into my head.

Finesse probably brings up a lot of nostalgic thoughts for people.

As the In Living Color-themed video proves, these thoughts are most likely of the early 90s and artists like Boyz II Men and Bobby Brown.

But for me the thought of shampoo always pops in there too.


Well, growing up my mother always bought Finesse shampoo and conditioner. And hearing the word Finesse for whatever reason is still mostly associated with washing my hair as a kid. Super weird, I know.

But for me the really weird part was that Finesse shampoos and conditioners still exist...and Kim Kardashian actually claims to use them.

In fact after Kim's rave review, the Huffington Post put it to the test just to see if the inexpensive hair care line was worth it.

I can't say I had fantastic hair as a child, but I do remember the Finesse products in my house year after year growing up.

And though I haven't thought about what I washed my hair with as a kid in years (if ever), the latest Bruno Mars hit made it all come flooding back.

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