Over Christmas break, someone asked me what I enjoyed most about having the time off. I said I didn't really do anything extravagant, but my stay-cation was just what I needed. A simple pleasure for me was being able to slowly sip my coffee out of an actual ceramic mug rather than rushing through it in a plastic one made for travel every single morning.

Fast forward three months later to the COVID-19 self-quarantine, and I'm doing nothing but drinking my coffee out of this thing. Working from home for the last two weeks due to the coronavirus has had its challenges, but I have to say that I'm still trying to enjoy the little moments because otherwise, I'd go insane. I'm lucky to be healthy, to be safe, and that my family members and friends are doing well. So, I'll just keep sipping. Make no mistake, this coffee mug turns into a wine glass at 6 pm. White, please.

For all of you now working remotely, we asked to see your favorite mugs since we all get to use them every single day. You guys sent us some pretty cool mug shots and I might want to steal one or two.

"Once upon a time this coffee was hot" because we've all been there. "I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday" because two days are never enough. And the classic Central Perk from Friends is just too cute. Thank you for sharing a cup with us today.

SouthCoast Works From Home Mugs

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