The big game is here and it's time for a favorite in my household, prop bets. Prop bets are are simply "fun bets" that usually (other than picking the winner) don't involve the game itself. So instead of just playing for money, this year let's make it a bit local.

National anthem (over or under two minutes):

Since this is a minor early bet to put us in the spirit. You should already have pizza for the big game, but if you waited to get pizza for the crowd, it’s now time for you to pay off prop bet one if you lose by buying the winners your favorite local pizza (perhaps Ma Raffa's). If there is more than one loser, split the cost.

Coin toss:

Another prop bet specialty. For those who take the "L" on this bet, it’s time for you to embrace the cold! Part of living on the SouthCoast is the frigid temperatures which only get worse at night. As the loser, you will run a lap around the house, and as long as you’re not slow, you’ll make it back by kickoff.

Winner of the game:

This year is certainly shaping up to be a good game, but if you pick the wrong team to win, you need to give out your top three words as a SouthCoaster that you just don’t pronounce the way the English language intended (example: suppah, not supper).

The person who gets the most prop bets wrong:

There is nothing more New England than the Super Bowl, seeing as for the last 20 years it has been our game, and usually if we win Dunkin' gives out freebies. So this year, as the big loser, it is your job the next morning to buy everyone's Dunkin' run.

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