The Southcoast has the potential for some crazy changes in 2018, here's my top 3!

1. Marijuana

According to The Standard Times, in a short 7 months... it may be perfectly legal to go into your local weed shop, sit down, smoke marijuana, and leave like normal. Of course weed was legalized in 2016 but only to carry and grow in limited quantities, but perhaps we haven't seen anything yet!

2. School Updates

As many know, former New Bedford Superintendent of Schools Pia Dunkin resigned in 2017, although that doesn't take place until the end of the school year in June 2018. And to make things even tougher for the Southcoast, Acushnet Superintendent of Schools Stephen Donovan also is resigning in June to take another position in Rockland. Decisions, decisions, and more decisions for our schooling systems in 2018 that can significantly impact students everyday life.

3. The Padanaram Causeway


A disappointment in 2017, but we're hoping for the best in 2018. As many know, it wasn't open for traffic this Winter, but according to The Standard Times, it's still on track to be done by June as the deal was due to subsurface conditions. It is also noteworthy to know, the The Padanaram Causeway and the Padanaram Bridge are considered the same project.

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