Four words, four options, one correct choice.

Think you know everything about Michael Rock, Christine Fox and Gazelle? Well, now is your chance to prove your knowledge with our newest trivia game: "Which One or None?"
Every week, Gazelle will find someone random here on the SouthCoast, whether it be at Acushnet Creamery or Market Basket or perhaps even Crunch Fitness in Fall River, and ask them random facts about the Rock and Fox Show to see how well they know us.
That being said, it's time for you to get to know us a little bit more. Each week, we will post the fun facts about each of us, so that you can see a different side of us that perhaps you never knew.
Are you ready?
This week's trivia questions were:
  1. Which one of us used to use a "British Accent" in college at every party for some odd reason?
  2. Which one of us weighed 119 pounds in high school?
  3. Which one of us has received plastic surgery?
  4. Which one of us won a costume contest by dressing up as Madonna?
  5. Which one of us has never eaten a banana?
1.) Gazelle
2.) Michael Rock
3.) None
4.) Christine Fox
5.)Michael Rock
How did you do? If you didn't score a perfect score, then simply listen to the Rock and Fox Show more often and you'll win every time!

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