Welcome into this week's Rock and Fox Show "Friday Song," a compilation of audio like you've never heard before.

Every Friday morning at 7:05 a.m., The Rock and Fox Show celebrates the arrival of the end of the week with a special "Friday Song." I have taken the instrumental parts of Todd Rundren's "Bang The Drum All Day"...

...and added my own twist of movie and TV clips for a crazy mix of epic fun.

Be sure to check out the audio compilation that includes a fun clip and look back at this week's Rock and Fox Show. Why do we do this, you might ask? Great question.

In case you missed out on the three-ringed circus that took place within the chambers of the Fall River City Council, it was must-watch TV on the Fall River Public Cable access channel. Mr. Mayor, Jasiel, decided to just barge in and have himself a seat at the table, completely uninvited and refused to leave when asked, resulting in a stand-off stalemate. "Low-blows" were thrown around, the audience was mocking the council and the police were called into action. Nicely done, Fall River! Looking forward to next week's meeting, in hopes that it was just as good as this one.

The song is designed to get you up and moving on a Friday morning in preparation for the weekend, and if this doesn't do it for you, then I'm not doing my job well enough. So, sit back, turn up your speakers a little louder, and enjoy!

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