Anyone who's ever surprised their significant other with an engagement ring knows it's nerve-racking and never seems to go as smoothly as they had hoped. Usually, you've got to hide the ring in the bulky ring box (which looks so obvious, by the way). And forget trying to have your phone "video ready" to capture the moment perfectly. It ain't happening.

There's this new gadget called the RokShok that has a unique and creative solution: it looks like an ordinary cell phone carrying case and it holds the engagement ring nicely in place.

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The world’s first #engagementring phone case! Pre-Order today!

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When the big moment arrives and you're ready to pop the question, you simply hit record on your app or phone. As soon as you open the case, the ring appears on a small arm and is able to be captured by your cellphone camera perfectly. You could also propose doing a video stream like Facebook Live if you wanted. I'm not sure I'd love that but would definitely have liked to have captured the moment when my husband proposed to me with a video.

The RokShok will cost around $59.99 but no word yet on when they will be available to purchase. Wedding season is here so hopefully, it will be released soon. I have a feeling it will be a hot item this new year.

If you're newly engaged and getting married anytime in the next couple of years, you'll want to come to our Fun 107 Wedding Show on January 26 at White's of Westport. It's going to be a super fun afternoon for the entire wedding party, and all of the best vendors here on the SouthCoast will be there.

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