How could they pull off a grocery store with no cashiers? I mean, self-checkout is one thing, but no cashiers at all?

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Amazon just opened a 10,000-square foot store in Seattle and so far, it's a huge hit. Customers start by scanning a code on the Amazon Go app as they enter the store. Then they grab a cart or basket and go about their normal shopping routine.
Amazon Opens First Go Store To Accept Cash
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The store uses cameras and sensors to detect what they're grabbing off shelves. This blows my mind. how can sensors know what I am putting in my basket? What if I put it back?

Amazon Go says that once you've finished your grocery shopping, you can bag your groceries and just leave. I know, how strange, right? Once you leave, the app then charges your credit card as you walk out the door.

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It sounds so foreign but remember back to when our typical supermarkets introduced self-checkout and we thought, "How crazy is this?" Well, this would be the next step I guess and I have to say, I might be on board with it if this concept ever comes to the SouthCoast.
There are still employees in the store who are on hand to answer questions for customers and to restock when it's needed.
If your least favorite thing about your grocery store visit is waiting in line to check out, then Amazon Go could be your answer.
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