Apparently the Dunkin Donuts glazed donut breakfast sandwich wasn't enough for America. The latest donut sandwich hybrid is being made with Krispy Kreme donuts, and sloppy Joe mix. 

The guys at Chicken Charlie's are bringing this concoction to fairs all over California. This food truck specializes in all things deep fried, including peanut butter and jelly, Oreos and even Kool-Aid. Our hearts are doing back flips just thinking about ingesting this stuff.

According to Yahoo, the creator of the sandwich, and owner of Chicken Charlie's, Charlie Boghosian came up with the idea after years of eating traditional sloppy Joes.  Oddly enough, it's not the first donut sandwich they have tried. You can also get a chicken sandwich covered in honey between two Krispy Kreme donuts as well.


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