Fun 107's 2016 Heath Hometown Hero Award recipient was announced this morning on the Rock and Fox Show.

Congratulations to all of the individuals nominated!  Out of the many nominations we received for the Heath Hometown Hero Award, it was narrowed down to the final 10.   All of the individuals who were nominated are certainly worthy of receiving this award but of course only one person can actual claim it.

Nominated by Elizabeth Kenney

Our first Heath Hometown Award for 2016 goes to... Rosemary Heath!  Rosemary as some of you may know, is the wife of the late George Heath.   He was an admired teacher for many years at Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School.  George was killed trying to save the life of their waitress at Bertucci's restaurant in Taunton.  Arthur Da Rosa stabbed a pregnant waitress and when George intervened to help her, he too was stabbed.  He died from the wounds he sustained.  Rosemary witnessed all of this happening and still did all she could to help the victims during this horrific attack.

While going through the many emails sent in from people voting for Rosemary once she was nominated, a few certainly stuck out, including this one from Rosemary's niece, Justine.

...My aunt Rosemary Heath is my hero not only did she have to see her husband die in front of her. she helped the pregnant waitress from being stabbed to death. She has helped, not only her family and friends with everything that happened, she made sure that the kids at GNBVT. But all my life she has been there for others. In 2015 She helped her ex-mother-in-law when she went through cancer treatments and she was there when she lost her battle with cancer. Also in 2015 She helped my mom when my brother was told he had cancer, she was by our side through chemo and surgeries, at the same time, she was there for me and my family when my dad past last year. She is my aunt but she is also a HERO.

Congratulations Rosemary, you are Fun 107's very first Heath Hometown Hero!