We all know the holiday classic story of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but have you seen the stage show that will steal your heart?

Let me first start off by saying I was apprehensive about going to this show. I didn't want to be that creepy guy that sat in the middle of a bunch of little kids trying to enjoy one of my favorite holiday stories. I was curious as to how they brought this story to the stage, though, so I had to go. I invited a friend to come along that I know would appreciate this show.

First, the costumes were too fun! I don't know how the actors could move in them but they did, and boy did they put on a show.

Philip Huffman
Philip Huffman

It's a relatively short stage show. If I recall, it was about an hour and a half, which for the kids is perfect.

The show gets a little interactive, too. There is a part of the show where you hear all the kids in the audience trying to help the Grinch and it's just the sweetest moment.

My favorite moment is when they brought some of the outdoor elements indoors and really helped everyone in the audience get into the holiday spirit.

What I find so endearing about this show is that so many different ages were in the audience. Yes, there were more kids than usual and that's expected, but you really saw grown-ups smiling and laughing and taking a moment to reminisce about the first time they heard this story.

The show was a much-needed reminder for so many of what this holiday is all about. I highly recommend taking the time to see it this holiday season. We all need this hour and a half of just complete cuteness.

They still have a handful of shows left now through December 22 at the Providence Performing Arts Center. Ticket are still available on their website. Grab the kids and get in the holiday spirit.

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