I'll be the first to say it, the Fourth of July 2020 just wasn't the same and I'm not sorry about that statement.

I had a feeling with the constant non-stop displays of fireworks throughout New Bedford and basically the entire state this past couple of months that those good-feeling vibes were going to be missing this year.

When I think of the Fourth of July, I reminisce on America's birthday and the celebration of it. Hot dogs, burgers, clam boils, gathering of friends, and uniting again with family you don't normally see. Of course with the whole social distance rule in place, it's not the same, but with proper safety and protocol, there are still ways to have a small get-together at a reasonable distance.

All of these examples felt absent this year and to be quite honest, the day just seemed "blah." Now, I'm sure this isn't the same for everyone, but it was something I noticed on my end.

Finally, let's talk about the fireworks (even if I sound like a broken record) this year. It's one thing to have a few go off at a reasonable hour, but between 7:30 and 11:30 in New Bedford, it was non-stop. These weren't even the normal fireworks that light up the sky and produce colors and different shapes, it was more of a bang-fest with firecrackers and M80s.

Seriously, if you were in the New Bedford area last night, then you could have mistaken the city for a war zone. One after the other, it felt as though you were in the middle of a coal mine with dynamite explosions going off every 10 seconds.

Completely uncalled for and to all the vets out there who are suffering from PTSD and have triggers from these loud noises, I truly do feel bad for you. Also, I guarantee you there wasn't one single dog or pet out there who was suffering from this.

So, next year, can we please step up our game and not start the fireworks two months before the actual Fourth of July and use real fireworks instead of something that resembles a grenade?

That's all I'm asking.


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