Rough isn't the word for what Amanda Bynes is currently going through. Her Memorial Day weekend was one that will surely go down in history as one of the greatest climaxes in celebrity train wrecks. 

After throwing a bong out of her window in NYC, and then accusing the NYPD of touching her inappropriately (which they didn't) Amanda Bynes can finally put a period an exclamation point on her wild weekend ride.

So where did things go wrong? When did it all start? We are guessing things went south after her appearance in 2010's 'Easy A'. It was after that when Bynes first announced that she was retiring from acting. She then said that in 2012 she was officially retiring from acting to become a fashion designer. Things seem to be going pretty well.

So take  look at our hand dandy timeline:


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    The height of her career. Amanda is wrapping up things as a cast member of 'All That' and getting involved in her own variety show, 'The Amanda Show'. Things couldn't be going better. The sky is the limit for this young kid actor.

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    Four years after the 'Amanda Show' ended, and Bynes has a pretty good acting career going. She is starring in 'She's The Man' and has guest spots on various television shows under her belt. Bynes has also been on the teen comedy 'What I Like About You' opposite Jennie Garth. She has also dabbled in voice work. Nothing can go wrong for her.

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    It's been a couple of years since Amanda has had a major role in something. Her last big role was 2007's 'Sydney White', a poorly done version of the classic Snow White story. But things are still pretty good. Nothing can go wrong, right?

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    Amanda is still living large from her supporting role as the main 'bad girl' in 'Easy A' in 2010. This would be Bynes final film role (for now). It's shortly after that film that Bynes makes her acting retirement announcement.

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    Uh oh. Amanda is pulled over for talking on her cell phone, but the cops find that she is driving under the influence. California will later suspend her drivers license. Amanda makes another announcement about leaving the acting world to focus on being a fashion designer.

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    Present Day (2013)

    The wheels have completely fallen off. God help us all.