Pretty sure Taylor Swift is going to be looking to sell her Westerly home pretty soon.

For the third time this summer someone has been arrested at Taylor Swift's waterfront mansion in Westerly, Rhode Island.

And this time the guy made it all the way inside.

Whoever is in charge of security at that place has got to be fired right?

Earlier this summer a kind of dangerous fan was arrested outside her place with a backpack filled with a metal bat, lock picks, a crowbar and more.

Then last week a presumably mentally unstable fan was picked up at her gate claiming he was on the phone with Taylor and was there to marry her.

Now police say 26-year-old Richard Joseph McEwan of New Jersey was arrested in Swift's home Friday night.

And he had no shoes on.

Officers on the scene of course inquired about the shoe-less trespasser and McEwan told them he always takes off his shoes in other people's houses to be polite.

So breaking and entering is okay. Wearing your shoes while doing it is just rude.

Police did note that this is the first time they can recall someone actually making it inside the house, which has got to be terrible news for the "You Need To Calm Down" singer.

I'd think she's the opposite of calm with the security team in Westerly. And if it was me I'd be looking for a new crew to watch the place.

Or maybe just thinking of selling it seeing as fanatical fans showing up uninvited has become a disturbing trend this summer.

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