If you haven't ordered a green-tea shot in 2022, then you're behind the trend.

First of all, by no means am I pushing any alcohol on anyone, I'm simply pointing out the obvious: Everywhere I go, the only thing I hear people ordering are green-tea shots (that or Casamigos tequila).

It's been the "go-to" sensation that's sweeping the nation.

For example: Say you're out with a group of friends and someone orders a round of shots. Chances are, you'll all agree if someone mentions green tea.

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For those wondering what's in it, it's a dangerous yet smooth blend of equal parts Jameson Irish Whiskey, Peachtree schnapps and sour mix. Some places top it off with a splash of citrus or citrus soda, but it's not needed, in my opinion.

So, how popular is this drink?

I've been to multiple bars right here on the SouthCoast that have prepped the shots in large bottles, ready to pour at will. Whenever I hear someone ask a bartender what they recommend, it's the infamous green tea shot.

I, myself, have had my fair share socially, and it wasn't until late that I realized how sought-after this drink (mild, but strong if consumed in large quantities) can be.

The next time you're in a nightclub, a brewpub or a tavern, look around and observe how many people are ordering green-tea shots that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. only to take the bar scene by storm.

Cheers, but drink responsibly.

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