Usually when you hear the word Braga, it's usually someone complaining about traffic, but the Braga is much more than just a bridge, its a major point of pride! At just over a mile long, it is one of the longest bridges in Massachusetts! Flashback: Easter Sunday 1966- Quite literally the biggest thing SouthCoast Massachusetts had ever seen opened officially with an estimated 10,000 -20,000 people walking across the  Charles M. Braga Bridge ( a one time event) in all its bright Green Splendor. Construction of the bridge started in 1959 and finished in the spring of 1966.

The bridge was named after Charles M. Braga, a Fall River native who was killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In the late summer of 2009, a vote was held for the public to decide on a new color for the bridge. Over 7,000 votes were cast, with voters choosing a dark blue color over lime green (the orignal color), light blue, and silver.

Now, 13.3 million dollars later and 46 years later, "Braga" is alive and well but now almost completely blue! So we gotta ask, Green or Blue? Here's some cool pics of one of the SouthCoast's Biggest Landmarks!