If you have fur babies, you want to make sure that you're always looking out for their safety - even if it's in the fenced in, doggie-proofed backyard. 

If you have any pets that spend time outdoors like dogs or cats who like to hang out in the afternoon sun, there may be a critter in your backyard that poses a threat - and you would probably never think it did.

A woman from Dartmouth shared her story after her dog, Cleo, came in contact with a toad in the backyard. Cleo instantly became very sick, was foaming at the mouth, and showing signs of poisoning. Cleo's owner said that she thanks Google for determining that Cleo's symptoms were caused by a toad...Yes, a toad in the backyard!

Apparently, some toads ARE poisonous and if you don't take action quickly enough, they can be deadly to your pet. If you have a pool or pond in your backyard or nearby, you know how common it is to find frogs and toads hopping around. I know whenever I pull one out of my pool, I make sure to release them outside of the fenced in part of the yard. Mostly because I don't want my fur-kids to catch it and kill it but now I'll be extra sure to keep toads out of the yard.

If you suspect your dog has come in contact with a toad, you have to immediately flush their mouth, don't let them eat or drink, and get in touch with your vet to see what to do next.

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