The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament returns Aug 3-6th. The event is full of food and fun, but to get the most from this festa weekend there are a few rules to follow...

1. Thou shall call shotgun...cause lord knows I'm not driving

2. Thou shall wear closed toes shoes, no matter how cute you think sandals look with your outfit.

3. Thou shall never underestimate the power of little Madeira wine...especially if you've never had it.

4. Thou shall bring a poncho if you're going to the Feast on always rains on Thursday.

5. Thou shall familiarize themselves with the ticket system. No one wants to wait for their wine while you stand there and figure it out.

6. Thou shall pick a meet-up spot for when you ultimately lose someone in your group...because you will lose someone in your group. FACT.

7. Thou shall buy event swag and take plenty of selfies in it.

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8. Thou shall designate a qualified griller for the carne d’ thou does not ruin the meal for everybody.

9. Thou shall not buy just one malasada at a one for every 5 minutes you wait in line to really make the wait worth it.

Feast of the Blessed Sacrament Official Facebook page
Feast of the Blessed Sacrament Official Facebook page

10. Thou shall not order a hamburger and fries unless thou is under ten years old.

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