This month's Teacher Of The Month is a lovely lady by the name of Mrs. Tomon.

She is a 2nd grade teacher at the Center School in Mattapoisett.  She was nominated by one of her students parents, Dawn Cormier.  Here's what Dawn and her son Noah had to say about Mrs. Tomon:

"Mrs. Tomon is an exceptional teacher for many reasons.  My Son, Noah has her for 2nd grade at Center School in Mattapoisett.  He had been sick for 5 weeks, and out of school.  He missed going to school and interacting with his classmates, friends and learning.  As you can imagine for a 2nd grader, being out of school for that long gets boring.  Mrs. Tomon was so great to Noah through the process.  She called him several times to chat, and she offered to Skype with him, and the class, so he could see everyone.  On a rather difficult day that Noah had with appointments up in Boston, he came home to a bouquet of balloons, stuffed animal and an edible arrangement from Mrs. Tomom and “the Gang”.  She had every child create a “get-well” card for Noah, and each one was very heartfelt and thoughtful.  Mrs. Tomon has also sent him get-well cards, text messages, and continued to be supportive to him as he slowly integrates back to school on a part-time basis.  One of his first couple of hours back at school was on opening day (BTW-She is a MAJOR Yankee’s fan!!)  Mrs. Tomon transformed her room into a “stadium”.  Each child got $3 to “spend” in various sections of the room: concession stand, souvenirs, outfield, etc.  She had tickets made up, popcorn, bleachers…the level of detail made me feel like I was at a ballgame!  Noah was only able to stay for an hour and a half, but Mrs. Tomon had made him feel special, and welcomed him back with a gift and a card, along with a gift for his younger brother.  I would say that Mrs. Tomon is one of those teachers that I wish I had when I was a child.  She has changed the way Noah views school.  She is the perfect balance of supportive, loving, fun, caring and “cool” (as my son Noah who is writing this with me says!).  We hope you will select Mrs. Tomon for this award, she has truly made a difference in our son’s life."

TSM/Chris Arsenault

From all of us at Fun 107, along with our sponsors, Bank Five and Domino's Pizza, congratulations Mrs. Tomon!