It's been a whirlwind eight months for Courtney Colombo, but what has been the biggest struggle of the Middleboro native's life has been capped off by the thrill of her life: meeting Taylor Swift this past weekend at Gillette Stadium.

The news hit Courtney Colombo like a brick the night before Thanksgiving last year.

"Your CT scan suggests that you may have a cancer of your jaw," her doctor told her.

After bravely enduring four cycles of aggressive chemotherapy, surgeons removed her lower jaw bone.

“The impact of removing Courtney’s aggressive cancer from her jaw would have left her disfigured, with difficulties speaking and swallowing. This is a very hard reality to face for a bright 29-year-old,” says Dr. Waleed Ezzat on the Boston Medical Center's website. A new jawbone was constructed and implanted from a bone in Courtney's leg.

After going through so much, Courtney had a wish. She wanted to meet Taylor Swift. She had been listening to Taylor since she was a young girl, and wanted her to know how much her music had lifted her spirits during her extremely difficult times over the past eight months. Apparently, Courtney's doctor agrees.

"Given all that Courtney has gone through, I remain inspired by how positive her attitude has been," Dr. Ezzat said.

Courtesy Courtney Colombo
Courtesy Courtney Colombo

Courtney started a viral campaign to meet the singer, and Taylor's management noticed. When we mentioned Courtney's story to her management, they had already heard about her and were in the process of making plans to bring her backstage this weekend for the meet-and-greet of a lifetime.

"It still feels like a dream," Courtney told Fun 107. "Taylor was so humble and genuine. You can tell how much her fans mean to her. She treated me like I was her best friend."

In an industry that often charges a premium for fans to meet their music idols, Taylor Swift never charges a penny. Her management told me that Taylor has met over 2,000 fans during the course of the Reputation Tour.

The town of Middleboro is happy that Courtney Colombo was one of them.

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