We are approaching the fifth-year anniversary of the rampage that occurred at Silver City Galleria in Taunton. For some, four years may feel like a long time ago, but for Rosemary Heath, it feels like it was yesterday. Her husband, George Heath, gave his life to save a pregnant waitress from a knife attack, and she strives to keep his memory alive every year with her “Random Acts of Kindness” initiative.

“I’m doing kindness cards,” Rosemary told Michael and Maddie this morning. “I’ve done this for the past four years on a small scale, but with it being the fifth anniversary, I want to do it on a big scale.”

May is National Kindness month for Massachusetts, and Rosemary’s wish is for people to complete random acts of kindness in George’s honor, whether it’s on May 10, the day she lost him, or any other day of the month. To help perpetuate more random acts, participants will hand over a card after their act of kindness that reads, “In honor of kindness month, in the memory of George, please pay it forward. This random act of kindness was done on behalf of George.”

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Rosemary has seemingly made it her life’s mission to give back to those in need. She recently donated a kidney and plans on donating a part of her liver as well.

“When I get down, in my lowest moments, I just think, ‘Okay, what makes me feel the best? It’s a kindness moment," she said.

All year round, Rosemary keeps her kindness cards close by so she can brighten someone’s day in a flash.

The late George Heath is a true hero. He saved lives that terrible night at Silver City Galleria, and Rosemary will continue to keep his kind spirit alive for years to come by doing these cards. She makes a conscious effort to ensure that everyone remembers George’s sacrifice. I’m still new to the area, and this was the first time I heard about George’s story, proving just how important and successful Rosemary’s kindness cards are.

If you would like your own set of cards, message Rosemary on Facebook or email her at rosemarykheath@comcast.net.

Long live the memory of George Heath, forever a hero.

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