The wagon of a young special needs boy in Taunton was stolen out of his backyard. Police haven't found the culprit, but they have replaced the wagon.

The boy, Barry "Blue" Urquhart, got a Harley Davidson wagon for his birthday and loved it. According to his parents, Blue doesn't get attached to objects often, but the wagon went with him everywhere he could possibly bring it.

After it was stolen, Taunton police not only made an effort to find the thief, but to replace his beloved wagon too. Officers donated time and money to find a replacement, however the company discontinued that particular one. The Harley Davidson company was willing to make one specially for Blue, but the grandson of a retired policeman from Bridgewater donated his own Harley Davidson wagon, which matched Blue's.

So if you ever lose faith in humanity, remember there are still people out there willing to put forth an effort like the Taunton Police did for a little boy.

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