Pizza is one of America's favorite foods and clearly an important part of the food pyramid for a Taunton couple who just opened their own pizzeria.

Sean Peterson and Lori Kenchik Peterson are the couple behind Bah Pizza, a business they started in their 800-square-foot apartment.

It all began during the Covid-19 pandemic when they were sick of having to get decent pizza from a half-hour away. A lot of downtime got them thinking they needed to solve their pizza dilemma.

Sean then decided he was going to spend hundreds of hours on tons of different dough recipes until he found "The GOAT" of pizza.

The entrepreneurs are quickly changing their side hustle to full-time job. That's right. Sean actually owns his own gym and attends school, while Lori works full-time as a nurse manager. Each has put in hundreds of hours to meet demand in their rapidly growing business.

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After perfecting their recipe at home, they did what any smart person would do and shared their creation with the world on social media. Within minutes, they had requests. The rest is history in the making. Now the couple is making all the right moves as it slices its way into the local pizza landscape.

While they initially were making the pizza out of their apartment, they now have joined the growing ghost kitchen trend and are tossing dough in a commercial kitchen.

The simplest way you can get your hands on these pies at the moment is by joining the "virtual waitlist." Currently you can't walk up and order a pizza, but I have a feeling that's in the works.

I'm excited to see a walk-up location hopefully pop up soon. In the meantime, check out some of these mouth-watering pictures of the pizza.

Oh, and take a wild guess where they got the name "Bah Pizza."

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