TAUNTON (WBSM) — An unexpected incident turned into a life-saving moment for one family, and in May, they reunited with one of the officers who helped make it happen.

Taunton Police Sgt. Matthew Laranjo recently reunited with a two-year-old boy he helped save from choking on food at his daycare.

He was greeted at the Taunton police station on Thursday, May 30 by Joseph Teodoro and his parents, Rafaella Teodoro and Magnun Teodoro.

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On May 9 at approximately 2:40 p.m., Taunton Police officers responded to the Taunton Old Colony YMCA, located on Cohannet Street, for a report of a young child who was choking.

Sgt. Laranjo was the first to arrive on scene, where he found the boy choking on a piece of cantaloupe and being assisted by a staff member.

Sgt. Laranjo immediately provided aid to Joseph. Police said that the obstruction eventually dislodged after three rounds of back blows, allowing the boy to breathe, but it was still in the child's throat.

Shortly after, another officer arrived on the scene to further assist and provide aid until paramedics from the Taunton Fire Department and Brewster Ambulance arrived.

According to the police department, the boy coughed up the piece of food fully on his own as he was placed into an ambulance.

He was transported to Morton Hospital, along with a staff member from the YMCA.

Last week, the family visited the police station, showing their appreciation with hugs and thanking Sgt. Laranjo once again for saving Joseph's life.

"I am thrilled that little Joseph is doing better and it was very special that he came to visit us with his parents at the station," Police Chief Edward Walsh said. "A situation like that is a parent's worst nightmare and Sgt. Laranjo and our other responding officers were able to fall back on their training and save this boy's life."

Any parent's experience like this is scary. However, it's a small reminder of how vital first responders are to the community, not just fighting crimes and putting out fires but also saving lives.

Not all heroes wear capes, and that's a truth the Teodoro family got to witness for themselves.

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