It had been over a year since seniors at Taunton High School had been able to roam the hallways with their friends and see other students and faculty members in a way other than through a screen. It was imaginably an exciting time for these students, with the thought of getting to enjoy the last bits of their high school careers alongside their peers.

And as students were preparing to return to in-person classes for the remainder of the school year, members of the Taunton community were coming together to give them a warm welcome back for their first day on April 26.

Taunton Police School Resource Officers MacDougall, Holmes, Chaves and LaPlante worked alongside Taunton High Principal Matt Mattos to plan an early dismissal for the  seniors' first day back to class. Aroma Joe's, a coffee shop in Raynham, came fully stocked with free coffee, energy drinks and free drink coupons for the students. Aroma Joe's owner Stephen Lukin told the Taunton Police Department he was looking for a way to do some good in his community, and specifically, at the high school where some of his newest employees currently attend.

The 2020-2021 school year is almost over, and graduating seniors at Fairhaven High School recently got some well-deserved recognition. Each senior got their very own lawn sign recognizing their achievements and all signs were placed out on the school's front lawn along Huttleston Avenue.

Kari / Townsquare Media
Kari / Townsquare Media

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