A Taunton woman is left scratching her head after not one, not two, but three separate take-out orders were delivered to her house that were not intended for her or her family.

In all three instances, the takeout order was meant for a stranger named Joanne.

Stefanie Frates shared the funny mix-up online.

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On three separate occurrences, Frates and her family have enjoyed a free meal, courtesy of a random woman named Joanne.

Is she putting in the wrong address for her orders? Is she just spreading the wealth of yummy food? That much is unclear, but one thing is for certain. The Frates family is getting a kick out of the mistake.

“The end of summer last year was the first time (it happened),” said Frates. It was a small shopping order from CVS. The next two occurrences were a little more delicious.

“The last time it was in November…that was multiple bags of Taki’s and ice cream from 7/11,” shared Frates.

Unfortunately, the ice cream was melted, but the Taki’s were a nice treat for her family.

Most recently was a yummy order from KFC.

“We enjoyed the Famous Bowl and chicken wraps,” she said. “She seems to like Mountain Dew which I was okay with.”

This mysterious Joanne continues to miss out on her delicious take-out orders, but Frates cannot figure out how this mistake could possibly happen.

“I have lived in my residential home for 22 years, it’s only immediate family here so I don’t know how or why it consistently gets delivered here,” she said. “If anyone knows this illusive Joanne, tell her we’d enjoy Chinese next.”

Joanne, if you are reading this, the Frates family would like for you to know that they enjoy your take-out orders, but you may want to update your address on your Door Dash app if you’d like to enjoy it for yourself next time.

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